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Necessary documents

Leasing file - legal entities

The documents submitted for the leasing file may be completed at the request of BRD Sogelease IFN S.A. according to the financed amount (for amounts exceeding € 100,000) and the economic and financial status of the applicant.
  • Leasing application (standard form - please click here for download) signed and stamped by the legal representative
  • Beneficiary application signed and stamped
  • Annual balance sheet and the profit and loss account for the last three years of activity (certified by the Fiscal Authorities) and the monthly verification balances
  • The most recent interim balance sheet (if the case may be) registered (certified by the Fiscal Authorities) and the related monthly verification balance
  • Last 3 monthly verification balances
  • Standard form - agreement to consult the Credit Risk Bureau, signed and stamped
  • List of persons empowered to sign (stamped by the bank)
  • Identification data of the person representing the company (including for guarantor, if the case may be)
  • Ownership documents or rental agreement for the company's registered office.
  • Legal documents (copies):
i. shareholders' agreement and by-laws or constitutive document, addendums with subsequent modifications (if the case may be!)
ii. registration certificate
iii. . registration certificate with the fiscal authorities
iv. good-standing certificate from the Trade Registry.
v. fiscal certificate from the fiscal authority (to be received at latest before the execution of the agreement) or alternatively, for urgent transactions, a statement on one's own responsibility, dated, stamped and signed by all shareholders / directors, certifying the company has no outstanding debts to the state budget, undertaking to submit the fiscal certificate within maximum 30 days.
vi. minutes of the general meeting of the shareholders or the board of directors to authorize the acquisitions of the asset in leasing and the appointment of the representative of the company in the relation with the leasing company. In case of a guarantor (legal person) the minutes of the general meeting of the shareholders or the board of directors authorizing the execution of the guarantee agreement.


Professionals (certified freelancers)

List of documents required for liberal professions (certified freelancers, practices, associations):

  • Operating permit -  copy
  • Incorporation documents – copy – Proof of registration (e.g. physicians: with the Sole Register of Medical Practice of the Public Health Directorate)
  • Tax registration certificate (CIF) - copy
  • Proof of the premises (property/lease/commodatum) – copy; attach the lease, commodatum or property deed for the lucrative facility;
  • Right of signature with the bank – copy certified by the bank as compliant to the original;
  • Approval of practice (e.g. for physicians,  Issued by the Board of Physicians, for lawyers, issued by the Bar, for notaries, by the Notaries’ Union, etc.) - copy
  • Identity papers of the representatives - copy
  • Curriculum Vitae – copies of the diplomas and of the certificates of professional competence may be attached;
  • Application – questionnaire (can be found in all the agencies of BRD-Groupe Société Générale and at the BRD Sogelease representatives);
  • Income return submitted to the Tax Administration for the past 2 years and the estimation of the taxes and charges to be paid in the current year, registered with the Tax Administration – form 204 - copy
  • Receipt and payment book (standard) – (the past 6 to 12 months, signed and stamped) - copy
  • Collaboration contracts (on request; e.g. the medical field with the National Health Insurance Fund (CNAS) – copy
  • Form of consent for consulting the Banking Risk Centre (CRB), signed and stamped;
  • Statement regarding the debts to the state budget, signed and stamped;
  • Tax certificate/Affidavit regarding the debts to the state budget, signed and stamped.

The leasing file may be completed with other documents, as well, depending on the financed amount and on the economic and financial condition of the applicant.

The applicants are liable for their statements given herein.


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