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Our Business Model

We did not plan to focus on the auto field exclusively, but we have been equally involved in other fields like construction equipment, road rehabilitation, medical equipment, IT equipment or the real estate market. Our main objective is to support all fields of the Romanian economy.

Our second priority is to be flexible in order to adjust our financing solutions to your specific needs. We believe that nothing is impossible therefore we are continuously making efforts to find mutually advantageous solutions for both parties through our financial approach. Moreover we try to offer best client-oriented services. Being concerned in our electronic communication is the proof for the efforts we put in client relations. We do not claim having reached all targets, but we are working to succeed. Hopefully this website will be a step towards strengthening our relationship. Please don't hesitate to send your comments and suggestions should you have some.

Obviously, information provided on this website is not sufficient, and is definitely not meant to replace the personal contact. We always encourage individual discussion of your investment plans. Probably the most frequent question you ask is "Why choose leasing?" The year 2009 will be shocked do to the present crisis. We are convinced that the leasing solution could be great help to your financing needs. We are less demanding in term of guarantees compared to the banking sector. Other important aspects: As owners of the respective goods, we assume all logistical aspects (customs, registration etc) when leasing is involved. In addition, the good relations with our suppliers allow us to deal much easier with the delivery issues and the payment conditions negotiations. Last but not least, it is useful to consider that we offer an off balance sheet financing through the operational leasing services. Finally, we need to mention that we can offer very competitive pricing in this difficult period.

Consequently, any time you need financing we encourage you to consider leasing as well. You now have the opportunity to compare and choose best possible solution for your projects. Remember that the entire infrastructure of the Munich airport comprising aircrafts, buildings, furniture and IT was created based on a lease financing.

We are entitled to believe that leasing is one of the best solutions for your investment needs. Don't hesitate to contact us should you need further details. It will be our pleasure to respond to your requests.

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