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Leasing: general offer for vehicles, equipments, boats

General terms
Our offer is in accordance to your particularities based on the analysis of:

The terms of the leasing transaction will be tailored as per your financial requirements.


Down payment 15% - 50%
Residual value a) included in rentals
b) maximum 20%
Minimum financed value
minimum 5.000 EUR
Currency EURO, RON
Period 1 year - 5 years
Financial conditions
interest rate set in accordance with the type of financed assets , lease period and financial structure of the deal


About insurance

The obligation to get insurance lies with BRD Sogelease IFN S.A., as owner of the financed asset, for the entire period of the leasing contract, until the property transfer is performed.

The risk is taken over by a series of insurers accepted by BRD-Groupe Société Générale.
The insurance policy is subscribed based on the Lessee’s acceptance, expressed in writing in the insurance offer presented by the Lessor when signing the leasing contract.

The insurance policy subscribed by Sogelease is administered directly by the insurer or by an insurance broker.

The insured amount is set in the currency of the leasing contract and equals the DDP of the financed asset (CIP + taxes + VAT) in the first insurance year. The insured amount depreciates on an annual basis according to each insurer’s rate of wear and tear.

Insurance instalments

a. The insurance policy may be paid in quarterly, half-yearly or annual instalments. For the annual payment, discounts between 5% and 7% are granted.
b. The insurance instalments are paid by the Lessee in the Insurer’s/broker’s account, based on a premium discount.
c. The amount paid in the Insurer’s/Broker’s account does not bear VAT.
d. If the Lessee does not pay the instalments within the term indicated in the policy, BRD Sogelease takes over the payment obligation. The insurance instalment paid by the Lessor will be re-invoiced to the Lessee (the invoice bears VAT).

Types of insurance subscribed: Depending on the financed asset, the following types of insurance can be subscribed:

a. For the vehicles and equipment that are registered with the police/city hall and that circulate on the public roads: CASCO, extension of CASCO for travels abroad, motor vehicle liability insurance (RCA)/Green card or insurance package for carriers
b. For non-car equipment: all-risk policy for assets, policy for electronic equipment, accidental damage, policy for constructions site equipment, policy for medical equipment, cargo;
c. For ships: CASCO for river and pleasure boats, cargo policy

Deductible = the amount of loss that is not indemnified by the insurer, whatever the loss. The policies are subscribed, as a rule, with 0 deductible. The deductibles are clearly mentioned in the policy only in exceptional cases.

The risk inspection is performed by the insurer, at the latter’s request, when subscribing the policy for second hand equipment.

Aspects related to the motor vehicle liability insurance (RCA) – Green Card

Starting with 2007, the motor vehicle liability insurance (RCA) has expanded its cover to the European Economic Area, therefore, to the European Union, as well.

RCA insurers automatically issue a Green Card that is attached to the RCA policy. If the insurance company that issued the CASCO policy also issues a RCA policy/Green Card, then the cover of the CASCO policy expands automatically and free of charge to the countries in which the Green Card is valid.

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