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BRD Sogelease SA and Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) signed a loan agreement to finance SMEs in order to promote and encourage their development, and to create or maintain jobs (maximum 250 employees).


Funds under this credit facility will be implemented for partial financing of investment projects for small and medium enterprises in Romania, thus strengthening their position and ability to maintain and create jobs. CEB will finance up to 50% of each project, while additional funding will be provided from BRD Sogelease IFN SA own sources. Funding will be available under favorable conditions to SMEs, active in various economic sectors, except agriculture, which employs more than 250 people and have annual turnover of less than € 50 million or tangible long term assets less than 43 million Euro. These funds aim also craft entities or family businesses carrying out economic activities periodically.


BRD Sogelease engages with this agreement in supporting the Romanian economy in creating and preserving jobs, providing customer support through favorable financing solutions. The funding from this loan started in April 2016.


The funds granted by BRD Sogelease IFN SA, through CEB lines, have favorable price conditions and will be provided on medium and long term. CEB funds may be used in combination with other EU funds.


Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) was established in 1956 and has 40 state members. Out of these, CEB especially turns its attention to the 21 states from central, eastern and southeastern Europe. Oriented to the solidarity policy in Europe, the Bank finances projects that create social conditions and resources for economic growth.


For further information, please contact us using the phone number: 021 301 41 88 or write us at brd.sogelease@brd.ro .

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